Our Culture

A team that is dedicated to our client's success and continues to be creativity and ingenuity.

RICHKA might be a company that values corporate culture more than most companies. This is because of the philosophy that "a great company has a great corporate culture", based on the founder, Matsuo's experience of interviewing 1,000 CEOs about their management philosophies. We call our corporate culture "TEAM RICHKA," which is forever advancing in β-version to create "a team that is dedicated to our client's success and continues to be creativity and ingenuity".

B a s i s RICHKA's "3 Values," unchanged since the company's founding

All of RICHKAs cultures and institutions are based on these 3 values. Even though many things change, these values have never changed since the foundation of the company, and we will keep them in the future; they are like the "CALPICO Concentrate” for us.

  1. Culture
  2. Culture
  3. Culture
  4. Culture
  5. Culture

V a l u e s RICHKA's decision-making standards, embodied by each and every one of us.

Values were created to achieve "TEAM RICHKA" and were developed to enable each individual to make decisions that are RICHKA-like. They are strongly linked to the personnel system and must be embodied at a high level.

  1. Value What is Real

    Be a person who keeps on giving (Gift) / Move fast without fear of failure (Move Fast) / Achieve high output (High Output)

  2. Clients First

    Love service and people (Love) / Thinking from the other person's point of view (Kindness) / Increase the number of viewpoints (Think Widely)

  3. Build-up Together

    Build up as a team (All For One) / Be a Pioneer (Pioneer) / Working backwards from the goal (Performance)

  4. Excitement-Driven

    Faithful and consistent (Faithful) / Fun along the way (Fun) / Do not hesitate to challenge (Challenging)

  5. Fact-Driven

    Face the situation as if it were your own (Ownership) / Speak with facts (Data) / Working until results are achieved (Grit)

A c t i v i t i e s RICHIKA’s Approach

  • Notion to Get to Know Colleagues

    In order to help our members understand each other even online, we post information about each member's background, hobbies, etc. on our internal Notion.

  • RICHKA Award

    Once a half year, we hold an award for members who embody Values in RICHIKA.

  • Club Activities

  • Value Lunch

    We give a little luxury lunch from the company to those who embody “Value" well, whether it is related to business or otherwise.

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